Permanent Hair Removal With IPL

Hair banned! – only smooth silky skin allowed

If you have had enough of unsightly stubble and irksome ingrowns, well, this is the thing for you – laser and IPL permanent hair removal. Whether it’s unwanted fuzz on your face, underarms, forearms, trunk, or legs and “between”.. we’ve got it all covered.

The Skin Labo’s range of FDA-approved laser and IPL hair removal devices utilizes deeply penetrating light wavelengths to zone in on the hair follicles for gentle yet rapid and effective long-lasting hair removal. This leaves you with the smooth silky skin you always dreamed of, and puts an end to routine shaving and messy waxing.


What are the benefits of laser and IPL hair removal?

Laser and IPL hair removal are the most advanced, most effective, and safest treatments for permanent hair reduction.

  • They allow large areas of skin can be treated at once.
  • Lighter and darker skin types and hair can be treated safely and effectively.
  • Any area of the body where smoother, fuzz-free skin is desired can be treated effectively.
  • It combines the ease and speed of shaving or waxing with the long-term benefits of electrolysis.
  • Less mess, pain and risk of scarring compared to other methods of hair removal.
  • No repeated trauma and irritation from constant shaving and epilation. This saves you from problems such as darkening of the skin and ingrown hairs.
  • Existing ingrown hairs and shaving bumps are effectively removed as well.

How many treatments will I need?

Hair grows in staggered cycles. While the laser & IPL disables the hair follicle in the active growth phase, previously dormant follicles can assume growth after the treatment. Hence, a few treatment sessions will be required for optimal results.

The number of sessions you require for best results will depend on the density, thickness and color of your hair, and the area to be treated. Most patients would need an average of 4 to 6 treatments, at approximately 4 to 8 weeks’ intervals.

With each session, you will notice 4’F’s – significantly fewer, finer and fairer (which will be less visually obvious) hair that grows at a much slower rate (farther intervals).

These effects are permanent, although a touch-up may be required from time to time especially for more severe cases.