Skin Labo offers you a rejuvenating and relaxing experience for the face, body and soul. With a customized and certified range of facial products exclusively from Dermalogica, you can indulge in skin care analysis, facial treatments for various skin types as well as soothing face massages in serenity and tranquility.

With a team of dedicated and professional estheticians, you can expect customized face treatments in accordance to your preference and skin types. Our specialists aim to provide transcendent services to suit your needs. The newly renovated outlet in Goldhill Shopping Centre includes a Polish nails lounge for an all pampering retreat. We seek to provide all our guests with quality services at an affordable price.


Every lady who dwells in the city and pursues the finer things in life desires to be just like Audrey Hepburn, ageing in grace and beauty.

Established in 2011, Skin Labo’ s purpose is to help female city dwellers combat the ageing of their bodies and skin. Incorporating the use of both Chinese and Western knowledge, Skin Labo takes care of their customers’ faces and specialises in weight management, ovarian care, hormonal balancing, infertility, irregular menstruation and other types of treatments and health maintenance therapies.

With these services offered, Skin Labo has gained the trust of customers and earned a place in their hearts. Skin Labo’ s founder, CoCo, has been in the beauty industry for many years and is a leader in the industry. She has a team of specially trained beauticians and also has high-end machines and facilities. All of Skin Labo’ s products are from well-known American skincare. brand, Dermalogica. The products from this brand do not contain artificial colouring, fragrances, alcohol, formaldehyde, lanolin or mineral oils, therefore it is the answer to every beautiful lady’ s skin needs and is able to deliver the most meticulous care for their skin. Compared to others in the industry, apart from the use of high-end machines, Skin Labo pays attention to the traditional idea of skills, which refers to beauty techniques. To CoCo, the machines are supplementary instruments that complement excellent beauty techniques, the key to serving customers well. CoCo’ s techniques have come to the point of near perfection, and she does not need to look at a customer’ s face, but only needs to feel with her hands and is able to evaluate the crux of the customer’ s skin problems. With the use of both Chinese and Western knowledge, Skin Labo adopts Chinese medical massage methods, helping customers to open up the meridians of the five elements, while incorporating the essence of Western technology in enabling the skin to absorb the nutrients of essential oils rapidly, thereby achieving the best beauty results.


Every year Skin Labo sends its staff to countries like Taiwan and Korea, where the beauty industry is more developed, to learn from and interact with beauticians from other countries, so that their staff can improve on the skills that they already have and at the same time bring back the most advanced technologies and techniques to Singapore and share them with customers.

Skin Labo’ s beauty philosophy lies in meeting the needs of their customers by planning a regime according to their skin or physiological needs, thereby developing the best beauty maintenance programme for them. At Skin Labo, customers who have been infertile for many years have successfully become pregnant after going through the hormonal balancing treatment, while there are also others who have gone through the breast care programme and seen fibroadenoma gradually disappear. As for cases of customers who have seen their acne scars disappear and experienced smooth and supple skin, there are too many to number. These beauty miracles have given rise to the business’ reputation in the industry. Although Skin Labo has not been around for long, the brand is recognised by many and its stable development and steady stream of customers are certainly an affirmation of the high service standards that CoCo and her team offer. CoCo has been in this industry for a long time, although she believes that preserving youthfulness is important, but the ultimate pursuit for Skin Labo is ageing in grace and beauty. In future, she will continue to develop her beauty business to meet customers’ needs. CoCo also hopes to launch a brand of her own, which will encapsulate the many years of understanding and efforts that she has put into the beauty-industry, enabling more people to benefit. Perhaps she will embark on Skin Labo’ s new beauty journey next year.